Contact Billionaires Giving Away Money

Contact Billionaires Giving Away Money 2024

Billionaires all over the world are known for their extravagant lifestyles, but there is another thing they are famous for. Yes, giving away money. Believe me, it’s not a fantasy, and you are not a part of any prank. It is all true; several billionaires around the world give real money to the people. 

Spending on philanthropy agendas is a core characteristic of billionaires these days. They run multiple projects regarding education, advancement, poverty, and social welfare, where millions of people get funds. In hard times, trying to contact billionaires and giving away money can be a glimmer of hope.

how can you Contact Billionaires Giving Away Money to poors

Today, I will be talking about some world-famous billionaire, their donation agencies, and projects through which you can contact them for help.

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Anyone can contact those organizations; they make sure to give each individual a fair and square chance to receive funds. Some organizations have specific criteria. For example, to get help from education funding organizations by these billionaires, you must be a student. 

Just like that, there are other organizations solely helping the poor, homeless, orphans, deserving talented kids, disabled, cancer patients, or people with other life-threatening diseases. The sole purpose is to help humanity to get away from the natural crises in their lives.

Everyone knows about Bill Gates and his ex-wife, Malinda Gates, for their philanthropic image. They are ranked as the top rich people in the world. They are running various organizations individually and corporately to help deserving people. 

The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation has helped millions of people by launching various relief programs and grants. These include funds for agricultural development, emergency relief, global crises, poverty, health, women and education. 

Contact Bill and Melinda Gates for Getting Help

Warren Buffet is another billionaire and philanthropist by heart. Despite being a billionaire, his personal life is pretty simple as he believes in the notion of serving humanity and mankind. He doesn’t have an organization in his name, but he has participated in other big projects to help deserving people. Buffet is one of the significant participants of the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation.

Contact Warren Buffet for Getting Help

Jon Huntsman is the founder of Huntsman Corporation, a company that manufactures chemicals. Christian by heart, Jon and his wife Karen believe in serving humanity and have donated almost $1.55 billion to different charities and organizations since 2010. 

After Jon survived prostate and mouth cancer, he invested in building the Huntsman Cancer Institute, which provides treatment to deserving cancer patients. 

Contact Karen & Jon Huntsman for Getting Help

W. Barron Hilton is an American-born businessman and billionaire. He is famous for his generational wealth and inheritance. He is the son of hotelier Conrad Hilton, CEO of Hilton Hotels Corporation.

With good fortune, he is an owner of a good heart that feels for humanity. Hilton has many charity organizations working for different societal causes. He has donated $1.3 billion to welfare causes so far. The Hilton Foundation spends in churches, youth advancement projects, reducing homelessness projects, and supporting education for deserving kids projects.

Contact W. Barron Hilton for Getting Help

Gordon and Betty Moore, the billionaire couple, are devoted to social work and initiating many philanthropic projects. They believe in fostering current youth talents so they can be an active part of the future society. 

From various scientific research projects to serving humanity, the couple has spent a total of $3.37 billion. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2006, is working on many projects. Including science, environmental conservation, patient care, and social work projects. 

Contact Gordon & Betty Moore for Getting Help

George Soros is famous for his title, “Man who Broke the Bank of England”. He has Hungarian roots by birth and is known as one of the world’s most generous people. One of his most notable works is in South Africa around 1979. 

He donated a considerable part of his wealth to his Open Society Foundation, which is working on different philanthropic projects in 100 countries. According to Forbes, Soros has donated $12.1 billion to social work projects until now. 

Contact George Soros for Getting Help

Ted Turner pledged to donate $1 billion to various UN programs back in 1997. This action made him famous for the people who had no hopes and were living in poverty. Later on, he was a big contributor to the establishment of the United Nations Foundation. 

Turner kept on serving humanity along with Warren Buffet and Chuck Feeney. Three of them started the Giving Pledged platform, where rich people from all over the world take pledge to serve philanthropic causes. The Captain Planet Foundation works for the cause of deserving children, environmental projects, and youth empowerment projects all over the world. 

Contact Ted Turner for Getting Help

An 81-year-old billionaire who devoted his life to charity work spent over $7.5 billion to various organizations during his lifetime. Feeney sacrificed his own life to help deserving people. He didn’t have a house in his name; he lived in rented accommodation. 

All of the money Feeney earns from Duty-Free shops goes straight to Atlantic Philanthropies, an organization working on projects like health, children, education, poverty, medical, research, and homelessness. 

Contact Chuck Feeney for Getting Help

Now, you must be wondering how you can contact them to benefit from their programs. Well, I have provided all the links to their organizations. There, you will find their contact information and the different projects that they are working on.

Go to the project that you feel eligible for. If you want help with your education funds, then study the eligibility criteria of such projects. If you meet the criteria and are eligible for the grant, you can register yourself in it. The management will review your application and contact you.

Who is the billionaire that gives away money?

Well, many billionaires are donating to the cause of humanity. However, the most famous billionaire for his societal works is Charles Feeney. He donated all of his fortunes to the cause of helping humanity and lived a modest life till his death. 

How to get a rich person to donate money?

It comes from within; people who feel for humanity donate for the cause of betterment. Other than that, peer influence, charity events, attending galas, giving together, and visiting disastrous areas can be a cause of motivation for rich people to donate more money.

How do you get money from an affluent person?

It is not that easy; first of all, you have to do your research to find a rich person who donates to charities or philanthropy projects. Go to the official websites of such programs and apply there. Apply in the category that suits you best; if you meet the criteria, then you will hear from the management and get a grant.

Not all billionaires are just about luxury lifestyles and showing off in the media; some of them believe in serving humanity through their various projects. You can contact billionaires giving away money. They have different registration criteria depending on the funding type and cause. A deserving person can apply to the official website; they can be the light of your hope.

Got more queries regarding the topic? Head to the comment section below. Share your feedback if you found this discussion helpful. 

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